For over fifty years, Soo Foundry has earned a reputation for quality, dependable service and innovative approaches tailored to exceeding our clients’ expectations in terms of safety, delivery and price. Our 30,000 square foot production facility is located in Sault Ste. Marie, at the hub of the Great Lakes; providing convenient access to road, rail, marine or air transportation.

To offer our customers the highest quality of product, best service in the field at competitive prices, always respecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Our History: A Second Generation Family-Run Business

Soo Foundry and Machine has been a fixture in the Sault Ste. Marie economy for more than 50 years. With a  solid reputation for  quality work, dependable service and innovative approaches to unique problems. Soo Foundry employs a workforce of 40-45 machinists, welders, millwrights, and hydraulic technicians.

The origins of  Soo Foundry are found in Northern Ontario at the turn of the last century when Sault Ste Marie was the hub for the forestry, mining and transportation industries.

Strategically located at the mouth of the St Mary’s River where Superior meets Huron and Michigan all of the local resource industries depended upon the transportation corridor provided by shipping on the Great Lakes.

Soo Foundry, initially called Northern Foundry was located on the Sault Ste Marie waterfront where repairing cargo ships was a huge part of their beginning business.

Wilfred and Jack Cohen started in the scrap metal business and bought the company in 1958. Business at that point included the manufacture of manhole covers for the city as well as a variety of other products.

When the city’s waterfront was redeveloped and the coal and repair docks disappeared to become the station mall, the civic centre and the Roberta Bondar Pavillion, the company made the trek to the new industrial area at the north end of the city on Drive-In Road.

The main building was erected in 1982 and has steadily expanded to the current 40,000 square foot facility we have today.

Currently Soo Foundry has a complete machining, welding, and hydraulics facility. 

The foundry business was discontinued in 1982.  The company retained its name while focusing on machine, welding and hydraulics work.  

Diversification was the key to their longevity, working in the steel, mining, paper and other manufacturing sectors.  Soo Foundry added Traders Steel Warehouse in 1984, and acquired Northern Fluid Power in 1998.

Through the 1990’s, hydroelectric work was an expanding part of the business.  Hydro continues to be strong today with clients located from Newfoundland to British Columbia.  Soo Foundry began work in the wind energy sector in 2015. Two years later it created the brand, SFM Wind.